Why the oval shape?

  • Basically, the shape is the same as what a soap bar becomes as it degrades and becomes a “sliver."

Should the SoapStandle device be bigger?

  • It’s just about the right size. It works on large bars of soap, too – even a MacBook Air balances pretty well. And, for smaller bars, the “mini” is in development— the diameter of a US half-dollar.

Will the points hurt when the bar gets thin?

  • To get to the point, the answer is “no.” The rounded teeth are only 5mm high (that’s shorter than ¼”) so when the bar gets to “sliver” proportion just push it off and either (a) fuse it with the next bar of soap, or (b) since you’re already ‘ahead’ by at least 20% (the extra amount of soap that hasn’t gone down the drain) you can just toss the remainder.

My bar of soap is curved - will the SoapStandle work?

  • Yep.  As long as about 2/3rds of the teeth are in contact with the bar, the SoapStandle stays affixed. A pro tip? Add a little bit of water to the bottom of your newly affixed SoapStandle to help it dig into the bag. We always love improving and a curved SoapStandle is in development – let us know if you have interest!

How to I attach this to a hard bar of soap? 

  • The easiest way to attach the SoapStandle is to center it to the bar. Start to press the tips into the bar, and then place it / the bar on a firm surface and press down with your palm, using your body weight.  For very hard (e.g. triple milled) soaps, water is your friend. Rinse the bar briefly, and then follow the steps above.  That will ‘seat’ the SoapStandle and after a few uses it should be solidly attached to even hard soap bars.

Does the soap really last 20% longer?

  • Yes, it does– most people report ‘a lot longer’. Obviously, not sitting in water helps, but it’s also that your hand isn’t needlessly causing friction on one side of the bar and wearing away soap. We’ve also compared SoapStandle side-by-side with other ways of handling the goo — plastic pads, soap dishes, the corn-starch pads – they all lose to the SoapStandle by 15-25%. Check out our YouTube channel to see some great side by side time lapses! 

Is it the same as soap sitting on a soap pad with raised points? 

  • Not really. Even though soap on a pad does dry somewhat, it still degrades faster than a bar affixed to a SoapStandle, for two reasons:
    1. An ‘unattached’ bar of soap is degrading all over (a result of water and friction) so it develops more ‘goo’ than the SoapStandle bar that has a side protected from friction.
    2. Each little point of contact on the pad is a “mini spot of goo” that is more susceptible to degradation at the next encounter with water.
  • All of that means it degrades almost as quickly as if it’s just sitting on a counter – and you still have a goopy pad to clean.