Meet the SoapStandle®

The mess-free device that is bar soap’s best friend.

  • No Goo = No Mess
  • Patented Non-Slip Grip
  • The Bar Lasts Up To 30% Longer

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Stainless Steel SoapStandle®

Joining our lineup alongside the Original (flat) and Curved versions, SoapStandle is now available in Stainless Steel — a touch of elegance and a permanent solution for your bar soap!

Stainless Steel Single - Flat

Your bar soap’s best friend, FOREVER — in the shower and at the sink!

Stainless Steel Single - Flat


Regular price $19.99

“Nicer” shower / sink counter

Elevated platform design drains water and reduces soap residue, so your next shower experience won’t be a gooey mess.

Pro-Airflow Design

Free airflow keeps bar soap dry, eliminating a harbor for bacteria.

Patented Secure Grip Attachment

Attaches directly into the soap bar — easier to grip, no drops, slips and slides.

More Soap, No-Goo Result

Preserves soap up to 30% longer. Less melting means more soap, fewer purchases, and $ left over.


Well, seeing is believing. From the very first use, I noticed it working... That “slime” never has a chance to form. After a week, I noticed my soap dish tray was clean and sludge-free. Hmm, I thought. There’s something to this. After several weeks with still no goo, I was sold.”

CAROLYN FORTÉ, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE | Executive Director, Home Care & Cleaning Lab

Liquid Soap or Bar Soap?

It’s hard to keep soap from slipping out of your hands, and it’s even harder to keep the soap dish clean.

Have you ever had to peel off soap that’s practically dripping off the counter? Been there.

Do you hate cleaning up the soap-dish sludge in the shower and at the sink? Us too.

And we all know this one:

You’re headed in the shower, and you’re a little late so you don’t want to lose any time. You’ve got your favorite bar of soap in hand, and you drop it on the floor…

In that split second, your life flashes before your eyes. “Is this it?”, you wonder.

Well, that’s a bit melodramatic — dropping the bar is hardly an existential threat to your survival. But it is annoying — and common — and now, unnecessary.

With SoapStandle®, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Why? Because you’ve entered Soap Nirvana.

It’s hard to keep soap from slipping

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“Not only did this rigid grip prevent the soap slip-ups, it also prevented the goo that normally develops on a wet bar.”

No More Gooey, Slippery Bar Soap


With conventional soap dishes, the bar soap slides around, falls down, and slowly degrades into an icky buildup of water and germs. Everything you don’t want with the shower.

Tired of all the wrangling, we invented a way to practice safe soap.

The SoapStandle® is a sleek, innovative device that attaches directly to your soap bar to provide 360 º air circulation that allows water to drain and the bar to dry.

That means the next time you take a shower, you won’t come back to a gooey puddle. Instead, you’ll find a clean, dry bar of soap that’s just as good as the first time.

Get A Grip On Your Soap.

Concerned about the environment? Embrace some great bar soap (with a SoapStandle®)!

Did you know there are 363,762,732,605 pounds of plastic pollution in the oceans?

And would you believe it’s all because of liquid soap / body wash? Of course it’s not — liquid soap bottles aren’t all of it - but they are a lot! And a small change with meaningful impact is to use bar soap instead of buying liquid. With a SoapStandle®it’s an easy change because of all those cool things you’ve learned — no more goo, the bar doesn’t slip, and the bar lasts longer.

Bar soap contains fewer chemicals than liquid soap, typically has higher quality ingredients, and is a better overall experience. The SoapStandle® is made in the USA from Post-Consumer Recycled Material.

Here’s a little math that brings it into focus — the typical liquid soap / body wash container that gets thrown away is 60 grams of plastic — let’s say it lasts 5 weeks — that’s 10 / year, which equals 600 grams. A SoapStandle® is 3 grams of plastic that you use bar after bar. In just one year, you can avoid creating 200x more plastic waste by using bar soap instead of liquid, and enjoy no goo, with a bar that doesn’t slip, and lasts longer.

It’s about the planet — but about you, too.

At SoapStandle®, we believe in making wise choices that not only promote the planet’s health, but our own, too. The biggest organ of our body is our skin, and what goes on it, goes in it. Bar soap contains fewer chemicals than liquid soap, typically often with higher quality ingredients, and can be a better overall experience.

Clearly, you can use bar soap without a SoapStandle®, and all those good things re: less plastic, fewer chemicals, smaller carbon footprint, etc. will still be the case. But a SoapStandle® makes the bar soap ‘deal’ even better — so join the SoapStandle® team and take as many no-goo showers as you want while doing the planet a favor.


Lab Lowdown: In our Cleaning Lab tests we were impressed that soap dishes, shower shelves and sink and tub surfaces stayed mostly mess-free.”


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