This Moisturizing Soap Softens Rough Skin Better Than $30 Creams—and It's on Sale for 69 Cents

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When someone says "luxury," you probably don't think of bar soap. It's efficient, travel-friendly and almost always inexpensive, but the genre often translates to skin that's just clean, not necessarily moisturized or soft. Yet according to almost 7,000 happy Amazon shoppers, Yardley London's cocoa butter and vitamin E-infused bar soap is the rare one that guarantees supple skin—and it's currently an astonishingly 86 percent off, coming to 69 cents a pop. 

The soap's standing is backed by thousands of satisfied reviewers, including those who regularly battle dry, sensitive skin. "A friend of mine recommended this as I have seriously dry skin, and I am in love with it! My skin is so silky smooth after showers now, even before I get lotion on," writes one person. "And the feeling lasts so much longer. I'm not layering lotion on myself every couple of hours anymore, after less than a week of daily use."

If any brand was going to think up a soap that checks every box, it would be Yardley's. The soap-makers have been in business since 1770, and that long resume makes for demonstrably expert creators. Its cocoa butter iteration currently ranks as Amazon's third best-selling bath soap, notched in between exfoliating soaps from TikTok-famous brand Dr. Squatch (251 years of experience, neck and neck with viral royalty). Likewise impressive? Some say it's better than Dove "by far." 

To buy: $.69 (was $5);

The shopper above adds that the mild fragrance doesn't give them "wicked migraines" like other scents, since the brown sugar-reminiscent smell is "​​lovely [and] subtle." As one more puts it in a review titled, "I smell good, y'all:" "The scent is amazing—lingering and warm without being over-powerful. [It] mixes well with my perfumes and makes me exceedingly less paranoid of whether I smell good." Others are so in love with the smell that they put an unwrapped bar under their car seat or in the linen closet as a makeshift air freshener, and at 69 cents, we can't fault the ingenuity. 

Speaking to its intended use, people emphasize the soap's transformative properties for flaky skin; redness, itchiness, and irritation disappear beneath its silky wave of suds. It's like love on contact, even according to people who just bought it to get free shipping (the most honest of us all). "Very good moisture, especially when we have hard water," writes a reviewer with sensitive skin exacerbated by well water. "Most soaps dry out my skin, but this one is great and leaves some moisture after showering. Skin isn't left ashy looking." 

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Fans especially turn to the cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E-infused formula when trying to minimize the effects of constant hand-washing. "During a time when we're washing our hands more often, I found this worked wonderfully to TRULY keep my hands moist! No more dry, cracked or brittle hands. My hands feel soft and smoothed out—[and] my complexion, too!" 

Great intel, yet perhaps the most illuminating review of all comes from a contractor's spouse. "Hubby's hands were so dry they scratched me! No matter what, he kills his hands about 12 hours a day," they wrote. "A pipe busted two doors down from the townhouse he works on, and it flooded all the way to his basement. After getting that water out, his hands were so bad I tried everything...and [this] worked better than $30 cream from the doctor." 

Recognize yourself—or your spouse—in the above tales? Try the soap for yourself while it's on deep sale.