These are the best facial cleansing bars for every skin type

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If someone told you they washed their face with soap, you would be right to be concerned. After all, soap can be extremely stripping and skincould end up feeling dry and sensitive. However, there's a new wave of solid cleansing bars, that promise gentle yet effective cleansing, as well as providing a far more sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. 

Here's everything you need to know as well as our selection of the very best cleansing bars available.

What is a cleansing bar?

A cleansing bar is a solid version of a traditional liquid cleanser, used to remove makeup as well as cleanse the pores of daily grime and impurities.

Do cleansing bars contain soap?

They may look like soap, but they don't actually contain any soap (which usually contains sodium salts and can be extremely drying to skin). Instead, they contain a variety of ingredients including coconut oil, which is great for removing stubborn makeup, as well as charcoal and tea tree oil, which have naturally properties that make them effective treatments for breakouts and acne

Are cleansing bars better for the environment?

Because cleansing bars are solid, they don't need to be packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Plastic has obvious problems when it comes to sustainability as it takes thousands of years to breakdown. While glass is better in terms of its bioavailability, it's also heavier, meaning it uses more energy to ship and deliver. Solid cleansing bars, on the other hand, can be packaged in cardboard, which is both light and biodegradable. Plus, when we're allowed to travel again, they make for perfect carry-on packing.

Will cleansing bars dry out my skin?

Unlike some of the earlier formulations, most cleansing bars are free from any sodium salts, which could dry out the skin. If you are prone to dry patches, look for a cleansing bar that has nourishing properties.

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SBTRCT Gentle Foaming Cleanser, £22, SBTRCT

This bar may be gentle but it still boasts some seriously powerful cleansing abilities thanks to coconut based surfactants, which breaks down residual makeup as well as dirt and grime.