Soap bars UK: Best eco-friendly soap to use as an alternative to single use plastic bottles

Posted by Jimmy Gould on

Single-use plastic bottles are out and soap bars are in, according to reports. 

As the close of 2018 showed a 3 per cent rise in the number of soap bars being bought, many attributed it to an awareness about single-use plastic shower gel bottles.

So, in the spirit of ditching single-use plastic and finding greener alternatives, we have scoured the high street to find some of the best on offer - with the least packaging.

Here is our pick of luxury soap bars you can use to reduce your plastic footprint:

Lush soaps come without plastic packaging and can be purchased by weight. This gourmet soap also uses a palm oil-free base. In fact, it is made with olive oil and freshly blended green olives.

Another offering from Lush is its argan oil soap, which is sprinkled with rose petals. This can also be purchased by weight and is palm oil free.

Jo Malone has five different soap bars on offer: - Lime, Basil & Mandarin - English Pear & Freesia - Blackberry & Bay - Red Roses - Pomegranate Noir

Penhaligon's soaps are vegetable based - the Quercus scent is designed for both men and women.

The Blenheim range from Penhaligon's is described as a mix of "citrus oils, spices and woods."

An alternative to soap bars for those looking to reduce their plastic footprint are the eco-refills in L'Occitane. This bottle of shower oil can be refilled as many times as you would like