Shampoo Bars Are A Score For Your Hair And The Planet

Posted by Jimmy Gould on


Talk about raising the bar! Shampoo bars have been making waves for being good for your hair and the environment. Wondering exactly what a shampoo bar is? They’re just what they sound like: shampoo in solid bar form, sans a big, heavy bottle filled with liquid. That means they’ll take up much less real estate in your shower and they’re TSA-friendly

“They are an eco-friendly way of cleansing without the use of plastic,” says celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher. Plus, since shampoo bars weigh less than their liquid counterparts, they also reduce C02 emissions during transportation.

“Thankfully people are thinking more about the planet and how to cut back on plastic use and help in any way possible,” Streicher says. “The beauty industry alone is responsible for a huge amount of plastic waste. Bar soap allows for a no-container form of cleansing, saving on plastic use!” 

Just like shopping for any other type of shampoo, you’ll want to look for a formula that is designed for your hair type, Streicher explains. She answers all your questions about shampoo bars.

What’s the best way to wash your hair with a shampoo bar?

Streicher recommends wetting both your hair and the bar to create a foaming lather with the bar. While holding the bar in one hand, massage the foaming lather from roots to tips. Then rinse as normal.

How do you store a shampoo bar?

“The same way that you would store a bar of soap,” Streicher says. “I like to leave mine on a nice ceramic soap dish.” 

How long do shampoo bars last?

Depending on how often you shampoo, a single bar can provide up to two months of use, according to Streicher.

Are shampoo bars better for your hair? 

“I think the new formulas that are just now hitting the market are just as good for your hair as liquid shampoo,” Streicher says.

What makes them great for travel? 

“You can just wrap them up or throw them in a travel container and you’re set,” Streicher says. “No more transferring liquids into smaller sized bulky containers.”

There’s a shampoo bar out there for every hair type and texture, and these top picks will help you choose the right one to suds up with.

1Garnier Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Strengthening Shampoo Bar for Weak Hair, Zero Waste, Preservative/Silicone/Soap & Dye Free, 2.1 Oz$7.49


“Garnier’s new line of Whole Blends Shampoo Bars offer a shampoo for normal, weak, dry/damaged, and fine hair,” says Streicher, who works with Garnier. “It’s the first one I’ve used that cleanses the same if not better than a liquid and the fact that it’s made for hair and not hair + body really targets your hair and scalp.” Each bar is 97% biodegradable and formulated with 94% plant-based ingredients, sans silicones, preservatives, and soap. There are four blends available in zero plastic packaging. The Strengthening Ginger Recovery Shampoo Bar is made specifically for weak hair and gives it the boost it needs.

2KMS MOISTREPAIR Solid Shampoo$21.99


Even the most sensitive scalps are safe to lather up with this new shampoo bar. Made to be extra mild, it’s fragrance free and pH-skin neutral. The highly concentrated formula promises the same results as the liquid KMS shampoos and contains the brand’s TRIfinity Technology and AHA Structure Complex to improve the internal and external hair structure, delivering shine and a health boost.

3Klorane Nourishing Shampoo Bar with Mango$14.00


The natural formula is spiked with cold-pressed mango butter to deeply nourish hair, leaving it with movement and shine. The bar provides a deep clean without stripping strands, plus conditions to detangle hair. The 8g shampoo bar is equivalent to a 400ml shampoo bottle, offering between 60 to 80 washes.

4Love Beauty and Planet Muru Muru Shampoo Bar

Love Beauty and$4.99


Designed for color treated locks, this bar is infused with murumuru butter to safeguard strands from environmental damage and color fading while infusing it with moisture. Coconut oil brings even more hydration for thirsty strands.

5Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera



Chock full of hair-loving ingredients, this multitasking shampoo bar contains aloe vera to soothe, glycerin to moisturize, and castor oil to seal strands to lock in hydration. That means practically every hair type can suds up with this one. Bonus: It can also be used on the body, cutting down on clutter in the shower.

6superzero Shampoo Bar for Thinning Hair$18.00


Give thinning hair a boost with this strengthening, pH balanced formula that cleanses with caffeine, rosemary oils, and energizing actives. Superzero exclusively uses plant-based, vegan ingredients with the lowest possible carbon footprint to help achieve their zero-waste mission. Every bar purchased helps support the removal of plastic from the ocean.

7Lush Avocado Co-Wash Bar



Made for curls and coils, which are prone to running on the dry side, this co-wash bar is all about tending to these delicate textures. Fresh avocados, cupuaçu butter, cocoa butter (which is fair trade and grown by farmers in eastern Congo), and extra virgin olive oil prevent frizz, define curls, and add shine. Their best-selling tropical scent will turn your shower into a tiny vacation.

8Lather Avocado Mint Shampoo Bars



A coconut oil-derived cleansing agent works this two-pack of bars into a luxurious yet gentle lather that goes easy on hair’s natural oils. Avocado oil, argan oil, and shea butter team up to increase hydration and shine, while peppermint, tea tree oils, and aloe vera stimulate, refresh, protect, and purify the scalp. The bar is also loaded with panthenol, aka provitamin B5, to help strands hold on to hydration and strengthen.

9Grove Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set - Volumizing$22.95


Expect to get up to 100 washes from this bar that comes packaged in recycled FSC certified paper. Suds up with these little guys to pump up the volume, even for fine, flat hair. Hibiscus oil builds body, plus the formula promotes keratin production to bring life to your strands. Wild honey provides the natural scent.

10Ethique Dandruff Shampoo Bar for Itchy Scalps$15.20


Don’t let dandruff get you down! This bar fights flakes with neem and karanja oils. Designed to soothe scalp issues, there’s also oatmeal and coconut oil to calm sensitive scalp skin and itchiness.

11Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

Meow Meow Tweet$12.00


This floral scented bar can be used to wash your hair and body. The vegan, compostable bar is handmade using hemp seed oil and coconut milk to soften and hydrate both skin and scalp.