Local woman-owned shop creates unique soaps

Posted by Jimmy Gould on


KENNEWICK, Wash.- On National Women’s History and we’re highlighting a local woman-owned shop.

Skymaiden Soaps sells hand-made products all from natural ingredients. Her products are environmentally friendly and made out of oils, clays, herbs, and botanicals.

The owner, Kathy Driggers, sells products for pregnant women, babies, and even has a men’s facial care section.

For women, she created a belly bar to help with stretch marks. She also has a baby soap made for sensitive skin made from buttermilk and olive oil.

Kathy realized she wanted to create a men's section and started making soaps for beards. Her products include oils and soap bars, so men can also keep up with their hygiene using natural ingredients.

Skymaiden Soaps - Men's Beard Oil

Her inspiration came from her interest in DIY projects and the way soaps were made when her dad was younger.

"One of the things that was super interesting to me was how people used to make their soap, they would render the lard and tallow, you know cows and pigs, bacon, grease and all that stuff. My dad, from Arkansas, that’s the soap he used to use was pig grease soap that his mom made," Driggers explained.

Kathy is always looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. Her products are wrapped in craft paper, which is biodegradable.

Her shop is located at 118 Vista Way in Kennewick inside Artist Alley or you can visit her website at skymaidensoaps.com to find some of her products.