How To Do Soap Brows, The Top Brow Styling Trend For 2021

Posted by Jimmy Gould on


Soap brows have been an eyebrow trend for over a year now, but lately the style - brushing your brow hairs up using "soap" to create a bushy effect - has hit peak level, with brands releasing more skin-friendly options to use instead of, well, soap.

If you're still a little confused about the brow trend (who wouldn't be, it literally involved soap initially) it's surprisingly easy to master, and could be the answer to your eternally unmanageable brow hairs.

Here, we run through a simple tutorial on soap brows.

What Are Soap Brows?

Soap brows are essentially just brows that are styled using a "soap" to achieve a brushed-up effect. The result is similar to brow lamination, where hairs are brushed upward to achieve a fuller, bushy finish. 

How Do You Achieve Soap Brows?

First, you'll need a clean spoolie brush. If you need to do any brow filling, do this prior to styling as the product in your brows may result in a less seamless finish if you add colour on top.

In the past, many used actual house soap to create soap brows, and you still can - although you'll need to be careful, because if you sweat, there is a chance the soap will leak into your eyes, which at the very least won't be fun, and at the very most could be dangerous.

Just roll the spoolie in the soap product you're using (more on products you can buy to achieve soap brows below) and brush directly into your brows, pushing hairs upwards instead of length-ways. Repeat until brows stay in place!

What Product Do I Need For Soap Brows?

If you're not too keen on using home soap, there are products for soap brows available in stores these days. Below are some of our favourites.

Napoleon Perdis Fixated Brow Styling Soap, $32

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, $40

Iconic London Brow Silk & Brush Bundle, $49