Hear Me Out: Bar Soap Is Better Than Body Wash

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Hear Me Out: Bar Soap Is Better Than Body Wash

First, I just want to start off by saying, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and it's called personal hygiene because that's what it is: personal. That said, my hot take is that if you're not using a bar of soap in the shower, you're not doing it right. Why do I get so worked up about this shower matter, you ask? Because in a world where people brag about only washing their hair every 10 days and body wipes are touted as "perfect for after the gym," I really just want to make sure that when people are showering, they're actually getting clean.

Allow me to explain why a bar of soap is the most superior choice of all the body-wash options and how to find which one is right for you.

1. It's More Efficient Than Your Shampoo Runoff

If you think shampoo runoff is sufficient, then I have to wonder, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, are you some type of animal? There is no way dirty shampoo suds can get your body efficiently clean. In fact, the silicone in most conditioners is probably doing more damage by clogging your pores and causing breakouts, and you should be following that up with a sanitary cleanse. Instead, use a classic soap — I like the Dove Beauty Bar ($5) — for a nice, quick lather. No, you don't need to use a washcloth, and yes, you just rub and buff this baby directly into your skin. Maybe just don't share it with anyone else, OK?

2. An Exfoliating Bar Is Way More Sanitary Than a Loofah

Using a loofah to exfoliate? Those two words next to each other are an oxymoron. Unless you're using a brand-new, just-out-of-the-package loofa to dry brush your dry skin, that loofa is doing squat in terms of exfoliation. Plus, if you've had your loofah hanging in your shower for longer than three months, it is now just a plastic puff-ball filled with bacteria and dead skin cells. Gag.

Instead, use an exfoliating bar of soap like the Soft Services Buffing Bar ($28). I kid you not, after I use this, I feel like I just got out of a lymphatic-draining massage. Everything feels smoother, tighter, and squeaky clean — just how I like it.

3. You Don't Need a Washcloth For It to Cleanse

The one pitfall of soap bars is that they basically melt away in the shower, and there is no denying that a huge bottle of body wash keeps better. But in order for body wash to really be effective, you need to be lathering it in a clean washcloth, and how many of you can say you're getting a fresh washcloth out of your linen closet before every shower? Instead, take precautions to protect your bars of soap. The Soft Services Soap Home ($36) is a ridiculously chic drying rack and splash cover that you can leave in your shower to protect your bar of soap from side splash and standing water.

4. They Are More Eco-Friendly

My last thought before I step off my soap box (I'm sorry, I had to) is that soap bars are better for the environment. Oftentimes, people do not read labels correctly, and even if you try to recycle your plastic bottles, you may not be doing it correctly. Take the guesswork out of your shower and just stick to soap bars. The Earth and your armpits will thank you.

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