Clean Beauty: 14 bar soaps for a zero-waste skincare routine this summer

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Far from the slightly old-school soap used by our grandmothers, solid soap is getting a makeover to target our hygiene from head to toe. Take a closer look at this ultra portable format, ideal for the summer, which, as a bonus, plays a part in the zero plastics movement.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles: the solid format is the leading beauty product of the moment for all travelers or those who wish to adopt a zero-waste beauty routine. In contact with water the bar of soap turns into a delicate foam to wash the face, body and even hair without compromise. More natural with a minimalist composition (without preservatives and chemical substances) and more respectful of the environment, solid beauty products replace a bottle of shower gel, face cleanser, shampoo and more.

A 100% green skincare routine

So why adopt it? You save space in the bathroom with a soap holder where you can find: a face soap (purifying, exfoliating, moisturizing), a body soap (energizing or relaxing depending on your mood) and a targeted shampoo (colored hair, curly hair, oily hair). The best part? While a bottle of shower gel (250ml) rarely lasts more than 10 days, a bar of soap (250g), can last up to 2 months. And what's more, you carry it everywhere in a small box and even bring it back at the end of the holidays without being afraid that it will leak into your suitcase! Here are 14 solid products to get started right away.


This soap quartet is a favorite, to soothe, exfoliate, moisturize or purify even the most sensitive skin according to your daily needs.

Cleansing Care Collection, Typology, 45 euros

Known for its moisturizing and softening virtues, donkey milk nourishes and softens fragile skin. Enriched with verbena essential oil, this care ritual inspired by ancient queens purifies the skin while leaving it soft with its delicate foam.

Donkey Milk Soap Bar Exotic Verbena, Huygens, 10 euros 

For combination to very dry skin, Clinique Facial Soap is the perfect makeup remover for effective double cleansing.

Facial soap with dish, Clinique, 20,50 euros


Beyond being ultra decorative in the bathroom, this handmade soap born from a collaboration between the fashion house Sarah Lavoine and Ciment Paris highlights French savoir-faire with this entirely handmade product. The key to it? Respecting your skin and the environment.

Iconic soap, Maison Sarah Lavoine, 14 euros

The delicate trail of orange blossom that slips into our bathroom between uses is what we love about this soap. Composed of a plant base of sweet almond oil, this scented soap makes hand hygiene a moment of pure happiness.

Eau des Sens perfumed soap, Diptyque, 20 euros


Dead cells are removed and the invigorating scent of algae is carried away to make way for soft skin during the summer, when exfoliation remains essential for a beautiful tan.

Seaweed cleansing and exfoliating soap, Phytomer, 12,98 euros

Equivalent to 2-3 bottles of 250 ml shower gel, this solid soap with creamy foam gently cleanses the skin without drying it out thanks to its neutral pH. For those who look at the labels, there is nothing to complain about: almond oil, oat oil and oat bran.

Unbottled shower gel soap, Unbottled, 9,90euros

Best for sensitivities, redness and imperfections, this cold saponified soap made of donkey's milk and vegetable oil rebalances the pH of the skin while leaving a veil of hydration to protect against external aggressors: wind, pollution, blue light and more.

Mango and avocado soap, Alaena, 9 euros

The idea? Apply a dab of the balm to the skin and gently melt it in circular motions. The result? It wraps your skin with shea and sesame oil to avoid crocodile skin after a hot shower.

Ultra nourishing body balm, Savonnerie Ciment Paris, 28 euros

Ideal as an evening ritual to relax after a long day, the combination of chamomile, lavender and neroli soothes in an instant. Make way for 100% self care relaxation for a restful night's sleep.

Lotion Melt, Savon Stories, 16 euros


100% natural and handmade, this solid shampoo enriched with aloe vera moisturizes even the most fragile hair. What do we love? Its 2-in-1 function, since it also washes the body! All in all, the ideal care product to slip into your wash bag this summer.

Hydrating shampoo bar with aloe vera, Christophe Robin, 16 euros

Nestled in a refillable bottle, the Cut by Fred detox stick is as playful as it is practical for all scalps that need to be purified. The result? You detoxify your hair and let yourself be mesmerized by the freshness of peppermint.

Vegan stick shampoo, Cut By Fred, 20 euros

Enriched with 3 vegetable oils: sweet almond oil, camelina oil and oat oil, this solid shampoo nourishes and protects all hair types. The trick? You rub it once in your hands and then rub it on your scalp to obtain a delicate foam with notes of sweet almond.

Shampoo bar, Respire, 8,90 euros