Clara's Bath and Body Products Hits the Market in Deming, NM

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Clara's Bath and Body Products Hits the Market in Deming, NM

Via Deming Highlight

DEMING – Clara Garcia is new to the Deming MainStreet Farmer’s Market and she took the opportunity on Saturday to sell her bath and body products in the open market of Luna County Courthouse Park.

“Business was brisk,” Garcia said, while introducing customers to her line of bath and beauty cosmetics and personal care items at Clara’s Bath and Body.

She began experimenting from home a couple of years ago with mixtures of health-conscious household items like oatmeal, honey, herbs and spices to develop soap bars made from glycerin and mixed with scents and lotions.

Once her mixes were put into molds, she began testing them on family members to determine which ones would be appealing to customers.

“It was by trial and error in terms of developing the right mixes, but the outcome was well worth the work put in to give something to the community they could use and enjoy,” Garcia said.

The initial plan was to produce the bath and beauty bars for family the friends, but the response was overwhelming, and now she is sharing her products with the public.

“I stay busy,” Garcia said of her in-home business. “The entire process takes about six hours in the evenings from start to finish.”:

Many of her soaps are for relaxation through aromas and skin rejuvenation. She also has exfoliating bath bars for a deep cleaning freshness and a little something for children.

“My toy soaps are very popular with families,” Garcia said. She has embedded a small toy in soap bars for little hands to encourage children to wash and scrub during bath times. “They (children) get excited when they can see a small toy inside a bar of soap,” she said. "They want to get to the toy as soon as possible, so it doesn’t take a drawn-out episode for moms and dads to get the child into the bathtub or shower.”

Her more popular soaps for adults are the chamomile, oatmeal and lavender bars. She also has a popular deep-cleaning charcoal infused bar with a hint of mint for the men. “The charcoal helps work against oily skins and leaves you with a fresh scent of mint,” Garcia said.

Seal Salt is a known detoxifier, containing zinc, magnesium calcium and potassium for the beneficial, yet fresh mix of cleanliness.

One of her best-selling and more unique bars is made with coffee. It is an exfoliating bar that could be beneficial in the health sense.

The Rosemary, chamomile and lavender bars serve as a calming agent during alone bath times. Chalked with plenty of antioxidants, the soaps in this order provide relaxation to combat stress, with more health benefits.

Garcia says she plans to be a fixture during the remaining Deming MainStreet Farmers’ and Crafts Market and encourages the community to shop Deming during the first Saturday of the month

“Stop by and visit the farmer’s market,” Garcia said. “This is a good opportunity to support your community and see what we have to offer.”